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SCHLÜSSLER Feuerungsbau

All products are manufactured under strict observance of the processing regulations. The applied materials pass through the most careful quality controls.

Certainly the right product

No matter whether commonly used system components or individually manufactured mouldings - the careful selection of materials always has top priority with SCHLÜSSLER. The application of reliable materials designed for the requirements of chemical, thermal and mechanical plants is the base of our high-quality long-lasting solutions.

  • Shaped products

    • In this segment, our product range includes, among other things, shaped bricks in normal and special formats made of fireclay, sillimanite, bauxite, corundum, insulating refractory bricks and insulating bricks. In addition, we provide shaped and unshaped materials of refractory concrete, insulating refractory concrete and insulating concrete dried in our own drying ovens.

    Unshaped products

    • We can provide you, among other things, with heat-insulating concrete, insulating refractory concrete and refractory concrete shipped in bags or big bags. We also supply concrete types for various gunning and casting methods as well as ramming material (chunk goods or goods shipped in bags) that is processed using the hand ramming method.

    Fibrous materials

    • We supply both ceramic fibres and bio-soluble fibres. Delivery is possible as rolled goods, sheet goods, pre-cut goods or goods shipped in bags. On demand, we will also support you with fibre paste in cartridges or hoses.


    • We can supply anchoring elements made of various steel grades including refractory and acid-resisting grades as well as round or flat material. Furthermore, components made of cast steel are available. Other, non-ferrous anchorages are also available: as burnt shaped bricks made of fireclay as well as high-alumina anchorages. Our product range also includes refractory stainless steel fibres as reinforcement material for refractory concrete.


    • Quart blocks, air shaping rings, wear protection components, insulating boards, manhole bricks and inspection door bricks complete our range. What you can rely on: all products are designed for maximum process reliability and environmental compatibility.

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